Sumitomo showcases world’s first Prototype electric passenger car driven by a superconducting motor

super_conducting_motor.jpgPrototype electric vehicle from Sumitomo Japan is the first in the world to be driven by a superconducting motor. In a standard electric vehicle motor, the coil is supplied with a slightly lower current and a slightly higher voltage to reduce electric resistance. However, it is difficult to generate a higher torque with a lower current. As no resistance is applied to the superconducting coil, it results in a higher current with fewer turns and a lower voltage, thus resulting in a higher torque. While the latest electric vehicle was prototyped based on a passenger car, the company also plans to consider utilizing the superconducting motor in larger vehicles such as buses and trucks.

The new electric vehicle will be showcased at 2008 Integrated Exhibition of the Environment in Celebration of the Hokkaido Toyako Summit in Sapporo, Hokkaido in Japan from June 19, 2008