Sunconnection SC-MP001W MP3 player

The SC-MP001W form Sunconnection Japan is a no frills MP3 player. It has only the basic controls Play, Stop, change track and volume control in the similiar iPod click wheel style. The SC-MP001W does not have onboard Flash memory or hard drive it has a SD / MMC card slot for loading up music files. It supports MP3 and WMA playback. So just slide in a memory card with your favourite tunes and plug in headphones via the 3.5mm stereo input and you are good to go. The player also lacks a display which makes shuffling between tracks a hassle. Other than this it can also be used a memory card reader so you can carry around other files with you. The player connects to the host via USB 2.0 and is Windows and MAC compatible.

The built in Lithium Polymer battery lasts for 8 hours and can be charged via USB. The unit measures 40×40×13mm and weighs 20 grams and is available for 2,980 Yen ($ 25) only.