Superhero Ultramans 18-centimeter gold figure for ¥10.5 million at Takashimaya Shinjuku store

Japanese major department store Takashimaya is selling a 18-centimeter gold figure of superhero Ultraman at its Shinjuku store in commemoration of the establishment of Tsuburaya Productions the producer of the Ultraman television series.

The Ultraman gold statue is the main feature in the store’s Ogonten (gold exhibition), which ends on Sunday. The 18-centimeter gold figure of superhero Ultraman is available for ¥10.5 million ($1725727).
Takashimaya is also offering a 10-centimeter gold Ultraman statue priced at ¥1.05 million ($172618) and a 5-centimeter one at ¥315,000 ($51785). A 120-centimeter-high gilded statue of Kanegon, a monster that fought against Ultraman in the TV show, is available for ¥5.25 million ($863089).

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