Targus AEM02 portable speakers for iPod

Enjoy your iPod music without headphones! This Portable active 2ch speaker from Targus Corporation features 3W power output per channel for exceptional stereo sound. The left and right speaker base each has 2.5cm diameter neodymium speakers with playback frequency range 60Hz – the 20 kHz with 8ohma impedance. Power is from the supplied AC adapter and electric power consumption is 9w.The stereo mini- audio input jacket can connect to audio players other than the iPod. Touch pad type volume control button makes easy to adjust volume control and the stylish remote control allows enjoying music from your sofa.

When iPod nano/mini (fourth generation) is placed in the cradle, charging is also possible. The speaker set measures 242 × 80 × 114mm (width x depth x height), and weighs 519 grams. The Targus AEM02 series portable speaker system will be available from March 18 for approximately 13,000 Yen. ($ 110)