Thanko Magnetic Earphones for easy listening

The new Thanko MagneticEarphone is a dream comes true. How many times all of us have felt the discomfort of using ear phones for a long time. After few hours of normal use of standard earphones, you feel uneasy to use especially when you are driving a bike or are on move. The new Thanko magnetic earphone is the answer to all these problems. The magnetic ear phone with the soft magnetic foldable strip is attached to the ear lobe and the earphone is directly placed in front of the Auricle External Acoustic Meatus of the ear .This position of the earphone assures you good sound as well as makes you aware of the surroundings.

Thanko Magnetic Earphone is available in two models- one for iPod and MP3 players and one with built in mic for PC. The earphones are available in Japan only for approximately 1,980 yen ($18).