Thanko USB optical mouse with warmer

Thanko USB optical mouse looks just like an ordinary mouse at first glance. Well this mouse automatically keeps your palm warm. When connected to the USB port the upper side of mouse gets heated. This is very useful during winter. You can also control the temperature from the back of mouse for a comfortable temperature. The USB mouse is padded with rubber for a comfortable grip.

photo02.jpgThe stylish transparent mouse looks more attractive with the blue LED light. The 800dpi resolution Thanko USB mouse measures 60 x 125 x 35mm,weighs 80g and costs approximately 2,980 Yen ($25).
Via Thanko (Japanese)

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  1. Glynn

    My wife spends most of the year complaining about her cold hands. If this Thanko USB Mouse with Warmer really exists, where can I get one. I found a link for Thanko’s international store ( but when you access the page, you find that PowWeb has suspended their site. I have looked around online, but have not been able to find a dealer, just loads of review and report information. Its my wife’s birthday in a month and if I could get her this for a present, it would severely reduce the amount of complaining I have to listen to, not to mention it would also make her happy! ;o)
    Does anyone have any idea where I can purchase one? I can’t speak Japanese, so going to their Japanese site is no use for me.

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