Thanko VIGLBL01 Head Mounted Display

The Thanko VIGLBL01 Head Mounted Display (HMD) is a portable, high resolution video monitor with built in lithium ion battery. Weighing in at only 130g, the Thanko HMD glasses are lightweight, comfortable, and fully adjustable. Designed to accept either NTSC or PAL input from nearly any video source, the video glasses provide a unique, cost effective alternative to standard monitors. Unlike ordinary video monitors, the Thanko video glasses work well in both indoor and outdoor settings without the “washing out” from sunlight or bright overhead lights. The advanced optical design delivers a giant screen image equivalent to a 37 inch picture viewed from a distance of 2 meters.

photo04.jpgWhile watching video Thanko video glasses get charged when connected to a laptop etc. Once fully charged, you can watch video continuously for 4-5 hours. Use Thanko VIGLBL01 Head Mounted Display (HMD with your VCR, DVD Player, iPod video, Camcorder, Game Consoles or PC for a clear, crisp, vibrant video image with outstanding 2ch sound. Thanko video glass is available for approximately 29,800 Yen ($255).
Via – Thanko (Japanese)