Thermaltake DH202 Touch Home Theater PC

!vj80051-touch.jpgThermaltake DH202 Touch Home Theater PC is designed with the latest and hottest 7 inch Touch Screen front LCD display, bringing all the media function controls easy and fast at user’s fingertips. The 7” LCD display of Thermaltake DH202 HTPC does not only support Touch screen functions, but with the latest software and double screen displaying technology, users can easily control media functions such as music, movie, and photos, plus information like daily news, weather, PC status and E-mail can all be easily shown on the LCD display with internet connection. This revolutionary LCD display has build-in Media Lab, plus the 10 hot key buttons and the easy volume control knob at the front panel, DH Series is bringing the Home Theater experience to a brand new era.

Thermaltake DH 202 Home Theater PC Chassis will definitely be the best choice to build your own digital living environment with high-tech fashion and aesthetic elegance. The DH202 is beautifully designed with high quality piano coating exterior; the surface of the aluminum front panel has also carefully applied with brush process. With such advance technology integrated, Thermaltake DH 202 will surely be the focus in the living room.