Thermaltake QFan the most silent 140mm Fan Power Supply in the market

The new QFan Toughpower 500W W0151 and the 650W W0163 power supplies are the quietest in the series of power supplies from Thermaltake, providing a quiet solution for high end computing systems that are required to be used in a silent environment. The Thermaltake QFan features a unique patented designed blade shape and a 360° open frame for effectively reducing noise. The air inlet is designed to increase air flow and reduce the sound of wind shear. Borderless fan and a low speed setting yield a 17.1 dBA without compromising performance. The Toughpower QFan series still retains the high reliability, efficiency, and performance with a MTBF of 120,000 hours.

The Toughpower QFan design concept utilizes high quality and high reliability benchmarks with four individual 12V rails providing stability and a clean output. The 12V rails have a combined output of 52A and meet the demands of high power consumption devices. The Thermaltake QFan Power Supply series will provide the wattage needed in computer workstations which include machines that utilize AMD and Intel’s high-end multi core CPU and will also support multiple GPU configurations.