Thermaltake TMG ND4 worlds first VGA Waterblock for Nvidia 8800

Thermaltake Technology, world’s leading brand in high-performance chassis, high-efficiency power supply and coolers, today announces the introduction of world’s first waterblock for Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX graphic card. TMG ND4 is a revolutionary product with a Brazing Pure Copper Waterblock for maximum heat conductivity from heat source, Unique 60mm fan blade design to optimize the airflow while keeping the noise at minimal (18dBA) innovations to incorporate ultra-high performance with incredibly silent operation for the ultimate gaming experience. Custom tailor designed for Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX, TMG ND4 VGA cooler utilizes state of the art Brazing Technology to weld waterblock with all copper cold plate. Coupled with high density stacked fins for faster heat convection with surrounding cool air, TMG ND4 not only cools the main GPU, but the GDDR3 memory as well. Low-Noise fan on the edge of TMG ND4 provides additional concentrated and high-press airflow across the dissipating fins.

TMG ND4 is fully compatible with all Thermaltake liquid cooling system as well as any aftermarket solutions thanks to it’s multipurpose quick connectors that can be interchanged to support 1/4”(6.4mm) and 3/8”(9.5mm) diameter tubing.Thermaltake TMG ND4 will undoubtedly bring ultimate gaming experience that gamers across the world have been waiting for.