Thermaltake TMG series Coolers

“Quality Life Starts with Silence” is the goal of new TMG series from Thermaltake Incorporation Taiwan. Since the new CPU and GPU are extremely powerful, the heat dissipated from these units are not the same as before. In order to cool these processors yet maintain quietness; Thermaltake Technology has several new processor coolers, graphic card coolers, as well as liquid cooling systems. The TMG CPU coolers are equipped with frameless fans and a great amount of surface area. The frameless fans are built in with a spring to absorb any kind of shock and vibrations the fan may have produced during operation to reduce noise. The TMG VGA fans have the unique leaf blade design and grills to increase airflow and better direct air to the hotspots.

Thermaltake users will be able to choose from our TMG air coolers or liquid cooling systems. With the TMG series, the noise levels have decreased dramatically while increasing performance. Thermaltake Incorporation is based in Taipei, Taiwan and is one of the global leader in Thermal Solution and Thermal Management for PC & Industrial Market.
Via – Thermaltake