To blow away the recession French jewelry store Mauboussin gives away 5,000 diamonds free in Japan

mauboussin_ginza.jpgFrench jewelry store Mauboussin on Monday morning handed out pieces of 0.1 carat diamonds, worth 5,000 yen ($52) each, for free. A long queue formed in front of the store before its opening at 9 a.m., and the stock of 5,000 diamonds quickly ran out before noon. This event was held for the brand’s promotion as customers are reducing the amount they spend on luxury jewelry in the current economic downturn. For customers who want their free diamonds to be made into rings or pendants, the store is accepting such requests—for a fee of 50,000 yen ($525).

Established in 1827, Mauboussin has six stores in Japan, with the Ginza store having opened this February. The flagship Ginza store is on one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in Japan, in February.