Toshiba Accelerates Development of SCiB Rechargeable Battery for Electric Vehicles

Toshiba today announced that it is working with Mitsubishi Motors to bring the SCiB battery to electric vehicles (EV). The SCiB is Toshiba’s breakthrough rechargeable lithium-ion battery that combines high levels of safety with a long life and rapid recharging, characteristics that make it highly suited to application in electric vehicles. The SCiB module now under development houses the SCiB cells that utilizes the capabilities of the SCiB to the full: It optimizes usage of individual cells in the battery and this, along with the long life cycle of the SCiB, adds to the overall durability of the battery over different cruising distances.

The long life of the Toshiba SCiB will promote reduction in the waste that results from battery replacement and will contribute to a society that is required to save energy and reduce environmental loads.