Toshiba and Kaga Toshiba inaugurates the new 200mm wafer-based production fab

Toshiba Corporation and Kaga Toshiba Electronics Corporation (Kaga Toshiba) today marked the official opening of a new semiconductor production fab based on 200mm wafers at Kaga Toshiba, a consolidated subsidiary of Toshiba based in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. The new fab will enhance production capacity for power devices. Toshiba and Kaga Toshiba’s investment in the new production fab will increase capacity for these key devices. The new fab came on-line at the end of September, completing the first phase of an investment program in a new building and production equipment that is expected to be total 55 billion yen in the five years from FY2006 to FY2010. The new fab is planned to ramp up to 60,000 wafers a month, and capacity may be further expanded to meet market growth. This new fab will reinforce Toshiba’s drive to become the world’s leading manufacturer of power devices.

Toshiba Group’s well-balanced semiconductor business covers three major product areas: system LSIs, memories and discrete devices. Kaga Toshiba operates as a key Toshiba Group facility for discrete devices, carrying out product development and front- and back-end processes for small-signal devices and power devices.