Toshiba RD-A1-Worlds first HD DVD recorder.

Toshiba Corporation today unveiled the world’s first digital hard disk video recorder integrating a recordable HD DVD in combination with a 1-terabyte (TB) hard disk. The new Toshiba “RD-A1” recorder combines support for recording of FULL HD broadcasts with high capacity recording to HD DVD-R discs: up to 115 minutes of HD content to a 15-gigabyte (GB) single-layer HD DVD-R disc, and up to 230 minutes to a 30GB dual-layer HD DVD-R .Ease of use is also enhanced by the ability to record two TV programs, one digital HD and one analog, to the hard disk and simultaneously. In addition to superb image and sound recording and playback, the new recorder also offers an extensive range of advanced functions made possible by the versatility of HD DVD and including optimized navigation and menu displays.

dhir 2.jpg In addition to HD DVD, the RD-A1 also supports playback from and recording to conventional DVD-RAM/-RW/-R discs and giving users complete access to content recorded and saved in standard DVD. It also offers simplified transfer of DVD disc content to higher capacity HD DVD discs. Toshiba RD-A1 measures 457×408×159mm and weighs 15.2 kg. It will go on sale from July 14th for 398,000 Yen ($ 3462) in Japan with standard accessories: Remote control, battery for remote control (AAA cell battery x 2), power cable, coaxial cable, video/audio connecting cord, user manual, B-CAS card, modular splitter and phone cable.