Toshiba SCiB rechargeable battery to power Honda electric motorcycle EV-neo

Toshiba today announced that its SciB battery has been selected by Honda as the power battery module for Honda’s new commercial-use electric motorcycle, the EV-neo. The SCiB is Toshiba’s breakthrough rechargeable battery that offers excellent long life and rapid recharging characteristics. Since its introduction, the battery has earned a high evaluation that supported its selection for Honda’s new electric motorcycle.Toshiba SCiB cells will be housed in an SCiB module integrating a battery management system that utilizes the capabilities of the SCiB to the full; it controls overall charging and discharging by analyzing factors that include temperature and voltage. The SCiB’s superb long cycle life and rapid recharging will allow Honda EV-neo to recharge to 80% of full capacity in only 20 minutes with a rechargeable power source. Honda plans to launch EV-neo in December 2010.