Toyota announces Toyota Virtual Anchor System for Ponam-35 Leisure Boat

Toyota today announced the launch of the Toyota Virtual Anchor System (TVAS), a newly developed boat-operator-assist system now standard on the Ponam-35 premium cruiser. To assist in boat operation, the TVAS uses GPS to ascertain the boat’s position and an onboard computer to determine wind direction and current flow. The operator can switch between three modes: Virtual Anchor Mode, Virtual Spanker Sail Mode, and Virtual Compass Mode, which are capable of automatically maintaining boat position when the boat is at rest, or maintaining heading when drift fishing, thus allowing more enjoyable angling or other marine leisure.

The new Ponam-35sw grade takes the concept of a premium cruiser to a new level, offering a more pleasurable environment for cruising and fishing through a more comfortable single-helm station and greater luxury through the use of wood accents throughout the design. A new grade of the boat, the Ponam-35sw, is also being launched and is on display at the Japan International Boat Show at Pacifico Yokohama from today through March 10.
Main Specifications of PONAM-35 (common to all grades)
Length/width 11.95 m/3.94 m
Total tonnage 10 tons
Engine Model M1VD-VH
Engine Displacement 4,461 cc × 2
Engine Power 272 kW (370 PS) × 2
Hull Aluminum alloy
Fuel tank 850 liters
Freshwater tank capacity 170 liters
Capacity 12 persons
Fly bridge 5 persons
Navigable sea areas Inshore.


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