Toyota announces upcoming launch in Japan of the Big Data Traffic Information Service

Toyota today announced the development and upcoming launch in Japan of the Big Data Traffic Information Service, a new kind of traffic-information service utilizing big data including vehicle locations and speeds, road conditions, and other parameters collected and stored via telematics services. Based on such data, traffic information, statistics and other related information can be provided to local governments and businesses to aid traffic flow improvement, provide map information services, and assist disaster relief measures. For the first time, T-Probe traffic information will be available for systems other than Toyota navigation systems, and the newly established, cloud-based Toyota Smart Center will provide a voice recognition agent function for processing spoken (Japanese language) queries.

Toyota_Big Data Traffic Information Service
Not only will local governments and businesses be able to utilize Toyota’s proprietary T-Probe traffic information1, route history, traffic volume maps, and other map information derived from big data, the platform will also allow users to display system information together with their own content, opening up a wide range of uses, such as for emergency and disaster relief operations and for traffic and logistics systems.

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