Toyota completes enhanced R&D facilities for making even better cars

Toyota today announced the completion of the Powertrain Development and Production Engineering Building at Honsha Plant in Japan. The two facilities will serve to accelerate Toyota’s efforts to make ever-better cars. The Powertrain Development and Production Engineering Building is 12 stories high with a total floor area of approximately 100,000 square meters. Floors seven through nine serve as the integrated development offices for R&D and production engineering units, while floors 10 through 12 are for prototype and production method development and parts analysis. Floors one through six are used for assessment and compatibility testing with a focus on major components and vehicles.

The Unit Center will consist of various R&D and production engineering units that are to be consolidated at Honsha Plant—the roots of Toyota’s operations. In addition to the integration of R&D and production engineering units at the facility, development processes have also been reformed to aid the development of new technologies and new production methods. The building features company-first paperless offices, no assigned desks, and many free work spaces that engineers can use at any time for collaboration and discussion while viewing diagrams, parts and vehicles. During normal operations, approximately 2,800 employees will work in the building.

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