Toyota launches redesigned Mark X rear-wheel-drive sedan in Japan

Toyota announced the launch in Japan today of the redesigned Mark X, which furthers the series sporty and luxurious concept by offering enhanced quality in an authentic rear-wheel-drive sedan. The Toyota Mark X features a dynamic low center of gravity that is combined with powerful driving performance made possible by a new 3.5-liter V6 engine. The style and driving performance of this upscale vehicle are in tune with adult sensibilities, delivering in-touch-with-the-road steering that responds instantaneously to the driver’s every wish, stability at high speeds and a smooth comfortable ride.

In addition, the vehicle’s environmental performance is at the top of its class1. The fuel efficiency of the Relax Selection two-wheel drive models exceeds the 2010 standards by 15%, qualifying them for incentives and subsidies under the Japanese government’s taxation system for environmentally considerate vehicles. The new Marx X, starting at an appealing 2.38 million yen ($26,165) comes in a diverse lineup—standard type, sports type and premium type—to allow drivers to show their individuality.