Turbo-Cool 1200 Powerful NVIDIA SLI Certified Single-Rail PSU

OCZ today announced the release of the Turbo-Cool 1200 power supply from PC Power & Cooling. Designed to offer the consumer market a professional-grade computer power supply, the 1200W Turbo-Cool is the ultimate power solution for those that require the very best, long-lasting, industrial-grade components for their mission-critical system or leading-edge gaming machine. PC Power & Cooling has designed the Turbo-Cool 1200 for optimum power distribution to all components by utilizing their customary “single +12V rail” design.

The PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1200 is SLI Certified by NVIDIA to run Dual GeForce 8800 Ultra, the highest configuration currently available. Delivering 1.2 Kilowatts of continuous power with an amazing 1300 Watts peak through a complete array of connectors including six PCI-E, the Turbo-Cool 1200 offers the industry’s most robust consumer power supply design on the market.