Vacuum Tube Radio

Despite their continuing popularity among audiophiles, vacuum tubes have a bad rap. We know they’re not exactly 21st-century technology, but these products bring back the memory of those golden days. If you’ve never listened to a tube radio, you just won’t understand what you are missing. Just accept that this is one of those truths that makes no sense. Still confused. Well try this vintage type tube radio and be your own guest. Only problem is that this radio is available in Japan only. The radio uses 30 years’ old 3 vacuum tubes, hand made antenna, Variable condenser to tune the station (very common in the 1920) and the circuit is based on a 60 year old design.

. One thing for sure-this vintage radio wont let you down-enjoy the warm music. The tube radio weighs 480g and is available for approximately 9,800 Yen ($83).
Via Rakuten (Japanese)