Warning issued over possible overheating of smartphones in Japan

Japan’s National Consumer Affairs Center issued a statement on Thursday saying there were around 520 reports of smartphones overheating in fiscal 2012. That’s up more than 5 times from the year before. In some cases, the section connecting the handset and cable became charred while the phone was being charged. Other users suffered low-temperature burns to their cheeks while making calls.
Smartphone_overheating_NcacIn response to complaints, the center conducted an experiment. It discovered the surface temperature of some models could rise as high as 60 degrees Celsius after videophone or game functions were used for around 10 minutes. Based on these findings, the center is advising consumers to make sure there are no alien substances or liquids on their phone’s charging equipment. Users are also advised not to keep the handset in close contact with their skin for prolonged periods of time.
smartphones_overheating_JapanJapan’s National Consumer Affairs Center asked an industry group of telecommunications carriers to develop products that are less likely to overheat as well as to educate consumers on the proper use of smartphones. The National Consumer Affairs Center urged users to stop using their smartphone immediately if they smell burning or if the device gets unusually hot.

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