World’s first Eco Pedal assists drivers to improve fuel efficiency by 5-10%

Nissan today unveiled the ECO Pedal – a world first technology – designed to assist drivers to become more fuel-efficient. When the eco-pedal system is on, each time the driver steps on the accelarator, a counter push-back control mechanism is activated if the system detects excess pressure, helping to inform the driver that they could be using more fuel than required. An eco-driving indicator integrated into the instrument panel feeds the driver with real-time fuel consumption levels to help improve his/her driving behavior. The ECO Pedal system can be turned on or off according to the driver’s preference.

Nissan plans to commercialize the ECO Pedal during 2009. Research conducted by Nissan has shown that by using the ECO Pedal drive system, drivers can improve fuel efficiency by 5-10%, depending on driving conditions.