All Nippon Airways Harnesses the Power of NEC’s Virtual Reality Solutions in Flight Attendant Training

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has begun using the latest virtual reality (VR) technology developed by NEC to provide enhanced safety training to flight attendants. Already widely recognized as a global standard bearer for in-flight service, ANA is moving to update its training with the latest technology to ensure that all flight attendants are prepared for a wide range of in-flight scenarios.The entire VR program is part of collaboration with NEC to provide an immersive and dynamic training environment that encourages flight attendants to think quickly and creatively.

ANA first began to use this advanced training system in 2018, and all 800 new flight attendants received VR training in the program’s three distinct scenarios: internal cabin fire, sudden depressurization and in-flight equipment check. ANA has a history of technological innovation, and the use of VR to replicate a range of emergency scenarios will prepare flight attendants to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a crisis. The VR training is an important first step in ANA’s partnership with NEC to build a Virtual Work Place that will streamline the future of work.

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