ams OSRAM launches 2.2 MP NIR enhanced global shutter image sensor

ams OSRAM announced the launch of a 2.2Mpixel global shutter visible and near infrared (NIR) image sensor. The new Mira220 global shutter image sensor offers the low-power characteristics and small size required in the latest 2D and 3D sensing systems for virtual reality (VR) headsets, smart glasses, drones and other consumer and industrial applications. The sensor combines excellent optical performance with very low-power operation. The sensor supports on-chip operations including external triggering, windowing, and horizontal or vertical mirroring.

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The Mira220’s advanced back-side illumination (BSI) technology gives the sensor very high sensitivity and quantum efficiency with a pixel size of 2.79μm. Effective resolution is 1600px x 1400px and maximum bit depth is 12 bits. The sensor is supplied in a 1/2.7” optical format. This allows it to produce the Mira220 in a chip-scale package with a footprint of just 5.3mm x 5.3mm, giving manufacturers greater freedom to optimize the design of space-constrained products such as smart glasses and VR headsets.

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The Mira220 features very low power consumption at only 4mW in sleep mode, 40mW in idle mode and at full resolution and 90fps the sensor has a power consumption of 350mW. By providing for low system power consumption, the Mira220 enables wearable and portable device manufacturers to save space by specifying a smaller battery, or to extend run-time between charges. The Mira220 NIR image sensor is available for sampling.