Japan Display Develops a 3.42-inch LCD Specifically Designed for Virtual Reality Applications

Japan Display (JDI) has developed a 3.42-inch low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) TFT LCD specifically designed for virtual reality (VR) head mount displays (HMD). The new ultra-high resolution LTPS TFT LCD display with 651ppi from JDI provides the required display performance and characteristics for VR applications, including ultra-high resolution, high-speed response time, high refresh rate, and blinking backlight. These features enable the new VR-HMD LCD to show more life-like images and create a more immersive experience than other VR-HMD displays currently available in the market.

jdi_vr_displayCurrently-available displays do not satisfy the required level of VR quality in terms of resolution, response time and motion quality because they are not designed for VR applications but instead for smartphones. In order to suppress motion blur, JDI has employed a high refresh rate of 90Hz, a high-speed IPS LCD with response time 3 msec (black-to-white), and blinking backlight technology (with a 10% duty rate, typical). Japan Display has already started sample shipments of the display specifically-designed for VR device.

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