ADATA launches UV100F special edition USB Flash drive for Christmas and the festive season

ADATA today launched the UV100F special edition USB Flash drive, designed especially for the upcoming holiday season. The USB 2.0 drive is available in 16GB/32GB capacities and features a red/white design highlighting Christmas icons. Combining lovely design and high usability, the UV100F is a great Christmas gift for family and friends that shows you care and doubles as a useful accessory.

From its Santa Claus-emblazoned packaging and inwards, the ADATA UV100F beams with festive cheer. The drive itself has Frosty the Snowman (16GB) and Santa with his sleigh (32GB), painted in white on a compact red drive body. The UV100F presents an excellent gift for all.
The emphasis with the UV100F is on a cute and touching design for the holidays, not on complicated mechanics. It therefore doesn’t have a cap, meaning less part to fiddle with or potentially lose. The ADATA UV100F special edition USB Flash drive ships in a custom red retail box to further accentuate its special edition status.
Like most ADATA USB Flash drives, the UV100F has a strap mount for effortless attachment to lanyards, belts, key chains, back packs, and more. This greatly reduces the chance of misplacing the UV100F and makes mobility that much more convenient.

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