Epson Announces Bordeaux Colour Model TR-ME 2014 Quartz Wrist Watch

Epson Japan today announced the Bordeaux colour model TR-ME 2014 from the L Collection -Break Line- of the watch brand TRUME. Bordeaux colour model TR-ME 2014 is a quartz wristwatch equipped with a power generation mechanism. This time Epson has added wine red as new colour. Epson first released the limited-edition Bordeaux colour model TR-ME2006 in September 2020 in Japan. The overall response was good and now they have released it as a regular model.

Bordeaux colour model TR-ME 2014 is equipped with SWING GENERATOR. The new L Collection -Break Line has a 24-hour bezel, and features a relatively simple design in the line-up. SWING GENERATOR is a combination of a high-precision in-house quartz movement and a self-winding power generator that can generate electricity by human movement day and night.

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The case of watch is made of titanium and has a protective coating. The bezel is made of ceramic. The leather band is chrome Excel made by Horween. The crystal is made of sapphire crystal and the inner surface with anti-reflective coating. The watch is water resistant to 10 bar. The accuracy of the quartz movement is ± 15 seconds per month on average.

Bordeaux colour model TR-ME 2014 is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and the drive time at rest is about 6 months. The operating temperature is -10 to +60 degrees. Band width (lug width) is 22 mm. The case size is 52.9 x 45.5 x 12.4 mm (length x width x thickness, not including buttons and crown), and weighs about 72 g.

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To commemorate the launch of this model, a campaign will be held via lottery on Twitter where two lucky people will win TRUME watch. Model TR-ME 2014 will be available in Japan from April 8th for 88,000 yen ($822).