Fujitsu develops world’s most compact and slim RFID tag

Fujitsu Laboratories today announced the development of a compact and slim RFID tag that can be affixed to ID cards, wearable devices, metal parts, and other objects that have limitations with regard to signal reception. Until now, it was difficult to make RFID tags compact and slim enough to be affixed to metals or ID cards worn by people, as these hinder signal reception. For that reason, in order to ensure a communications range of two meters, for example, radio wavelength constraints meant that the tag needed to be at least 75 mm long or about 5 mm thick.

RFID_tagsFujitsu Laboratories has now developed a technology that uses a new looped structure of thin plastic to emit radio waves, resulting in the world’s most compact and slim RFID tag, measuring 30 mm long and 0.5 mm thick, which can be attached to a wide range of objects. This technology enables RFID tags to be used in a wide variety of applications, such as in the management of machine parts and in ID cards that people wear as a means of access control.

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