G-SHOCK Unveils Slimmest-Ever G-Steel Watch at 12.9MM

Casio today announced a new addition to the G-SHOCK, the GSTB400-1A. The watch has the slimmest case of any in the G-STEEL series at just 12.9 mm. The GSTB400-1A’s slim case is made possible by the thinning of the parts that make up the inner module, without sacrificing any of its technical functions. The GSTB400-1A combines the strength of carbon with the quality of metal, in the slimmest profile ever. The design offers enhanced texture in the dial and the convenience of smartphone connectivity, accelerating the advance of G-STEEL as a multifunction analogue watch.

The GSTB400-1A watch features a stainless-steel bezel in a sophisticated shape. With painstaking attention to detail, even different facets of the same part are uniquely finished by applying lengthwise, crosswise, or circular hairline and mirror finishes, polishing processes and more.

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 The top bezel has been given five different finishes, while the middle bezel has been given four different finishes, which creates an elegant effect and changes the appearance of the texture of the metal depending on the viewing angle.

A power-saving module enables the use of an opaquer dial, and highly chromogenic dial colouration is achieved with multilayer vapour deposition. Vapour deposition is applied to the iconic G-STEEL dial indicator and bridge parts as well as parts of the face design, proving the meticulous care taken through the very last detail (model GSTB400BD1A2).

The GSTB400-1A arrives in a textured, black resin band and ultra-tough Carbon Core Guard structure that balances strength and lightness. In addition, the watch comes with polished stainless-steel buttons that are slim yet easy to operate. Combining both style and high-quality functionality, the new watch boasts an upscale look in G-SHOCK’s traditional tough case.

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As for technical features, the watch is equipped with G-SHOCK’s most up-to-date functions including Tough Solar Power, Bluetooth® technology to pair with smart phones via the G-SHOCK Connected App, that enables automatic time adjustment, phone finder, more than 300-city world time and more alongside absolute toughness.

The GSTB400-1A will retail for $320 and will be available for purchase mid-May at select G-SHOCK retailers.