Japan Display Expand Lineup of Memory-in-Pixel Reflective-type Color LCD Modules

JDI_MIP_reflective-type color LCD modulesJapan Display (JDI) today announced details of its new lineup and series of memory-in-pixel (MIP) reflective-type color LCD modules. In addition to the previously announced 4 models, JDI has unveiled 3 models with further power consumption improvement. The new lineup of LCD modules achieves further power consumption reduction, achieving approximately 0.5% (achieved ≦ 1µA with 1.28-inch) versus that of the previously announced MIP reflective-type color LCD.

This will allow customers to replace the current passive-matrix monochrome LCDs (segment LCDs, dot-matrix LCDs, etc.) with active-color LCDs without an increase in power consumption.With its new reflective-type color LCD modules, JDI’s goal is to empower not only battery-powered devices, but also future devices for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Shipment of module sample will start in January 2016, and they will be rolled out in turn. Mass production is scheduled to commence in March 2016.

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