Mitsubishi Electric’s 3D-model AR Technology for Inspections to Reduce Workload and Avoid Entry Errors

Mitsubishi Electric announced today that it has developed a maintenance-support technology using augmented reality (AR) based on a three-dimensional model that enables a technician wearing smart glasses to confirm the order of the inspection on an AR display and then enter the results by voice. The technology helps reduce workload and avoid entry errors because information can be entered by voice, even in noisy environments. Mitsubishi Electric’s new technology uses a three-dimensional model that is easily built by scanning objects with a RGBD camera equipped tablet PC.

mitsubish_-electric_voice_entry_arContinuous operation builds the three-dimensional model and shows check procedure related to the objects. In addition, precise AR imaging is possible by calculating the position and angle using a three-dimensional model instead of two-dimensional images. Moreover, the displayed contents of the check procedure are changed according to the distance between the technician and the super-imposed item. The system is expected to be used for a variety of maintenance work, such as inspections of water-treatment plants and building electrical systems.

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