Osram Announces New Optical Sensor SFH 7060 for Measuring Pulse Rate and Blood Oxygen Levels

The new SFH 7060 sensor from Osram Opto Semiconductors is designed to measure pulse rates and the oxygen saturation level of blood. It offers excellent signal quality and low energy consumption. The main applications for this component include mobile devices such as smartwatches and fitness armbands –for continuously monitoring fitness levels. SFH 7060 consists of three green LEDs, one red LED, one infrared LED and one large-format photodiode, which is optically separated from the emitters by an opaque barrier. It works by shining light into the skin. Different amounts of this light are absorbed by blood and the surrounding tissue.

Osram_SFH 7060 sensorThe light not absorbed is reflected to the detector. Absorption measurements with different wavelengths are used to determine the pulse rate and the saturation level of oxygen in the blood. SFH 7060 is a further development of optical sensor SFH 7050, which Osram presented in the fall of 2014. It performs the same functions as its predecessor but has improved power consumption and signal quality.The new sensor is Osram Opto Semiconductors’ latest addition to its portfolio for fitness tracking applications, designed to meet all the latest needs.

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