Panasonic Commercializes R35K Series Board to FPC Narrow Pitch Connectors for Wearable Devices

Panasonic’s Industrial Solutions Company has commercialized the R35K Series of Board to FPC Narrow Pitch Connectors for use in wearable devices and will launch full-scale mass production in December 2020. The new connectors reduce the board mounting areas and are configured to be highly resistant to vibrations and impacts, contributing to reducing the size and weight and improving the reliability of such small electronics devices. Wearable devices such as wristbands, earphones, and AR/VR glasses are widely used in various fields, including healthcare, entertainment and manufacturing. Current mainstream connectors used in wearable devices require large board mounting areas due to complex wiring routes caused by their double-row terminal structure.

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The newly developed Panasonic connectors, with a single-row terminal structure, enable wiring from terminals of only one side, achieving an approx. 49% smaller board mounting area than Panasonic’s conventional products (S35 series), which helps reduce the size and weight of wearable devices. With Panasonic’s unique structure, the header and socket cannot easily be removed or break, which also improves device reliability. The connectors have achieved large currents despite their small size, with the power terminal supporting up to 3 A and the signal terminal 0.3 A, meeting needs fast battery charging, thereby further promoting the widespread use of wearable devices.

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