Sony Announces High-Precision GNSS Receiver LSIs for IoT and Wearable Devices

Sony announced today the upcoming release of high-precision Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver LSIs for use in IoT and wearable devices. The new Sony LSIs support not only the conventional L1 band reception, but also L5 band reception, which is currently being expanded across GNSS constellations, thereby making them capable of dual-band positioning. Sony’s original algorithms enable stable, high-precision positioning even under the difficult conditions unique to wearable devices. The use of Sony’s original high-frequency analog circuit technology and digital processing technology delivers the industry’s lowest power consumption during continuous positioning for dual-band reception operation, at only 9 mW. Compared with the L1 band, the new signal method used in the L5 GHz band employs signal units that are 10 times narrower to measure the range between the GNSS satellite and receiver, improving positioning precision and amplifying the transmission power from the satellite, resulting in high-precision, high-sensitivity positioning.

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Quick, accurate GNSS signal reception via Sony’s original algorithms enables positioning that is more stable than conventional products even in changing reception environments, such as obstructing from buildings when on the move and acceleration of wearables due to swinging of the arms. This also leads to quick positioning time even from cold starts, which require more time. Additionally, Sony’s original digital signal processing technology enables countermeasures against the performance degradation caused by radio interference from aircraft communications as well as spoofing attacks and other issues, thereby improving resistance to interference. They also show promise in a wide variety of applications which require precise positioning and stable communications, such as automotive services. Sample shipments of Sony CXD5610GF and CXD5610GG GNSS receiver LSIs will start from September for 1,000 yen ($9.50), tax extra.

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