Sony Semiconductor Solutions announces large-size high-definition 1.3-type 4K OLED Microdisplay – ECX344A

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) today announced the upcoming release of a large-size, high-definition 1.3-type OLED Microdisplay with 4K resolution, the ECX344A. The new OLED Microdisplay will contribute to more realistic recreations of spaces. At higher resolutions and pixel counts, display devices typically show variations in characteristics such as luminance across individual pixels, resulting in image quality degradation. The new microdisplay is made with optimized manufacturing processes and transistor layout, and features a unique variation compensation circuit.

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The new OLED Microdisplay is mainly intended for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) head-mounted display applications. It delivers 4K resolution with a 1.3-type large-size display by employing miniaturization processes that SSS has achieved while developing camera electronic viewfinders (EVFs), as well as its own pixel drive circuits. A new high-speed driver circuit is included in the microdisplay to enable a high frame rate even at 4K resolution, allowing for smooth image quality with an enhanced sense of reality. Moreover, SSS’s original pixel structure makes it possible to achieve both a wide color gamut and high luminance performance.

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