Sumitomo Electric Develops Worlds Smallest Wireless Charging Module for Wearable Devices

Sumitomo Electric has developed an ultra-small, slim wireless charging module that enables to charge electronics appliances, such as wearable devices, without using power cable. The wireless charging module uses the electromagnetic inductive method, a wireless power transmission method that allows electricity to flow in the air from the transmitting side to the receiving side by generating magnetic flux on the receiving side. The wireless charging module consists of a transmitting module and a receiving module, each of which has a control unit and an antenna.

Sumitomo_Wireless Charging ModuleThe miniaturization of electronics appliances has been restricted with conventional antennas that are made of magnet wire coils and have poor flexibility. To overcome this challenge, Sumitomo Electric replaced magnet wire coils with flexible printed circuits (FPCs) by utilizing Sumitomo’s original 3 dimensional wiring technology for the first time in the industry. This improved flexibility of the antennas and enabled size reduction. This product enhances the functionality of electronics appliances by offering cordless charging capability or water- and dust-proof properties.
flexibleSumitomo Electric’s ultra-small, slim wireless charging module is expected to be used in wearable devices for which water- and dust-proof properties are essential and health-care devices and industrial equipment for which cordless application is required. Sumitomo will launch the sample products in August 2014.

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