Toshiba Wearvue glasses unveiled at 2nd Wearable Expo at Tokyo Big Sight

Toshiba today unveiled its latest glasses Wearvue at the 2nd Wearable Expo at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. The expo will run till 15th of this month. Wearvue, which was formerly called Toshiba Glass, has a small attached projector that displays information for its wearer. Wearvue is currently available for corporate customers only. The new product with a built in projector allows a maintenance worker to carry his work without referring manual manually.

Toshiba_Wearvue_wearableThe worker can go hands-free as the headset projects the text on the device’s glasses. The new stylish product from Toshiba is more comfortable to wear and easy to use.
Toshiba Wearvue glasses are available at Amazona>.

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