Undergarments to Monitor Posture, Heart Rate and Calories Burned of the User in Japan

One of Japan’s largest undergarment makers Gunze and NEC today announced the development of a special undershirt equipped with a computerized device that can monitor posture, heart rate and calories burned. The wearable device sends data wirelessly to a smartphone, and the wearer can check and analyze the information with an app. The electrically conductive fiber used for the undershirt increases electrical resistance when stretched. The fiber is woven in the back part of the garment, enabling it to sense the degree of back-hunching.

The undershirt is stretchy and breathable, making it comfortable for long hours of wear, Gunze said. The monitoring terminal can be detached to wash the garment. Gunze plans to introduce the product at its subsidiary’s sports clubs in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, in fiscal 2016. The company hopes the undershirt will provide appropriate tips to gym users on how to improve their performance or set up a better workout program.

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